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27 Jun 2017



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27 Jun 2017: We congratulate our J-litter heartly to its 2nd birthday.

Happy birthday to Jedi Raffles August, Jabba the Hutt "Picasso", Jimi Hendrix, Jack the Ripper "Kurt", JamJam, Jeanne d'Arc, Jethro Tull Tuuli, Je t'aime "Lexa" and Jezebel "Jezz".



07 May 2017: Our Tauni achieved the Dutch Selection today. We are very happy and proud of our "little one". She was judged by Mr. de Gids (NL) and Mr. Santopietro (I).


22 Apr 2017: Jack the Ripper "Kurt" passed his breeding permission in the CfH today. Heartly congratulations to Constanze, Thomas and Carsten - we share your happiness.



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